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        For more info about our Unlimited Monthly Tanning Subscription, or to sign-up, click here! YOU CAN'T SIGN UP THROUGH THE APP! WEBSITE OR IN-STORE ONLY!

        We are beginner friendly! Poster of step-by-step instructions, staff guided & our booth has smart automated guidance technology. She talks to you and tells you when to switch positions.

        With each spray, you're provided with protective feet pads, hairnet, barrier cream & the ultimate privacy of tanning alone! 

        Our solutions give a violet based tan with instant bronzer. Violet based means you won't come out looking orange!

        LOOK below for our BEFORE and AFTER Care Instructions! Following those steps is crucial to maintaining a perfect tan!


        Spray Tanning Single Spray $25. Double Spray $35. Unlimited Monthly $65. Sign up for our unlimited now!

        Before & After (above). Taken within 15 minutes apart. 


        Before & After (below) CARE INSTRUCTIONS!
        Screenshot or take a photo to save for your convenience!

        Spray Tan Care BeforeSpray Tan Care After


        Booth shown below is exactly what's in our store waiting for you! Come try it out and join our membership to save $$! 

        4 minute quick spray. smart automated guidance technology. fast comfort drying. flawless natural glow.